Rhetorical Questions

Josephine LoRe

Josephine LoRe

a pearl in this diamond world … Josephine LoRe has published Unity and The Cowichan Series. Her words have been put to music, danced to, and integrated into visual art. Her poetry can be found in anthologies and literary journals in Canada, the US, England, Japan, India, Wales, France, Ireland and China. https://www.josephinelorepoet.com/

a pearl in this diamond world … Josephine LoRe’s words have been read on stage, published in literary journals and anthologies in nine countries, put to music, danced to, integrated into visual art, and interpreted through American Sign Language. She has two collections, Unity and the Calgary Herald Bestseller’s Cowichan Series. Josephine features frequently at live and virtual literary events. She has an MA in Comparative Literature from l’Université de Rouen and an Honour’s BA in Modern Languages and Literature from the University of Toronto. https://www.josephinelorepoet.com/

I asked the universe Now?
It said No. Wait.

Why not now?

Why does the earth turn despite the sinking of the polar caps?
Why do we see only the one face of the moon –
is the other ashamed by our travesty?
Why do planets revolve around the sun
and why doesn’t one break free
to start its own trajectory?
I would.

Why are there nebulae (or is that a nebulous question)
Why does mankind, regardless of country and continent of origin
create tales to explain the relative position of the stars?

Would I have a different zodiac if I were born in southern hemisphere
and why do the hands of their clocks
not run counterclockwise
the way their water
circles the drain?

If I am who I am because of the hour and place of my birth
why aren’t there more like me?

Are there more like me?

And why do questions seem more important in the dark?

Why are we not winter oxygen-starved with lack of leaves?
Why can we not breathe in water?
Why have we no wings?

Is language a blessing or a curse?

Why are these bodies so ill-prepared for life outside
No fur to keep us warm
no leather on our feet

And why are there no new mythologies?

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