Dual Income, No Kids

Jess Nicol

Jess Nicol

Jess Nicol is a writer, editor, and teacher from Calgary. Her favourite person is a cat.

She went into labour at the appropriate time, picked up her pre-packed hospital bag, and was accompanied by her partner into a waiting cab. They rode side-by-side to the hospital, in the taxi that was driven by a driver who could have assisted in the birth if he’d needed to. The labour and delivery nurse was polite and efficient; the doctor had a jaunty twinkle in his eye as per their detailed birth plan, composed six weeks prior. After four hours of increasingly frequent contractions, her face was pleasantly flushed and she was ready. She pushed when the doctor asked her to push and her partner held her hand and whispered James Joyce in her ear. After a while, the doctor declared the whole process over and said they were free to go. They all shook hands and agreed the birth had been a success, in so far as no baby had been born. She and her partner took a different taxi home, changed into their pajamas, and went to bed.

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