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3 min  #Calgary Story #Family #horror

Happy Hour

Erin Emily Ann Vance

After she let the rhubarb rot with its roots still anchored in the garden, Aoife filled the prescription. The pharmacist’s ivory coat was stiff like rawhide. He handed her the medication. Aoife ...

3 min  #Calgary Story #Family #macabre

Illustration and Dissection

Erin Emily Ann Vance

Greta felt most at ease in the cadaver lab. She often felt uncomfortable in front of living patients, asking them to reposition their agonized limbs so she could better sketch them, or seeing the ...

3 min  #Calgary #humour

A Half-Life

Erin Emily Ann Vance

It was the landlord's policy to do an inspection of his property every six months. He had been trying to contact his tenants for several weeks, but his phone calls, emails, and letters went ...

5 min  #Calgary Story #Family #macabre

The Emporium of Dead and Broken Things

Erin Emily Ann Vance

It was my mother's idea to buy the little museum, tucked away in a small grove of trees behind the barbershop and the bakery. My father gave her enough money to find something to occupy her time ...

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